Prenatal Teacher Training fall 2019

Mindful Matriarch 85hour Prenatal Teacher Training
with Kelley Voegelin
FALL 2019
Mindful Matriarch Prenatal Teacher Training is for certified yoga teachers who are interested in offering pregnant women a safe, accessible and supportive yoga practice. This training educates teachers on the stages of pregnancy and labor, as well as safe yoga practices (asana, pranayama, meditation, mudra) for each trimester. Safe alignment and prenatal sequencing are explored, as well as development of awareness and coping techniques for the physical and emotional change of pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. Mindful Matriarch Prenatal Yoga is a sacred place for building endurance for the journey ahead while also embracing rest and renewal with tools that bring balance and wellbeing to a pregnant woman’s ever changing body and world.
A brief overview of the curriculum:
  • Asana & pranayama for each trimester
  • Contraindicated yoga
  • High-risk & other conditions
  • Modifications & sequencing
  • Pelvic floor exercises
  • Sounding, visualizations, meditation, mudra
  • Philosophy
  • Subtle Body
  • The womb’s cycle & practices
  • Birth choices & empowerment
  • Anatomy & physiology of pregnancy, childbirth & labor
  • Creating a supportive space for prenatal students
  • Postpartum
  • Practice teaching, feedback, practicum
  • Observe & assist in prenatal class
to be determined
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Solstice Musings

(blog post from the week of 12/21/2017)


As I sit down to write this, snow covers the ground, the thermometer reads 26 degrees & Portland Harbor is lit up like a Christmas tree with a boat parade! Sailboats, lobster boats, tugs & more are all strung with twinkling holiday lights. A very festive & colorful tug is sending fireworks off it’s stern, illuminating the night. It’s incredible!

We encounter the Winter Solstice today!

These shortest days of the year can make it hard to stay motivated or to want to leave the house. But, that’s okay. Nature is literally telling us to slow down, hibernate, observe, rest, replenish.Go with it. Winterize.

While the Earth takes it’s turn toward the Sun again, we’ll be stepping deeper into Winter. Meaning, we still get the chance to practice that delicate dance of going inward. We get to reflect more yin like qualities in our routines, while ever so slowly welcoming the return of the Sun. These brightly lit boats remind me of that. Light will eventually balance the darkness.

This opportunity to slow down is a gift. Consider our culture, society, schedules with all their draining demands… it’s all go, all the time. Guess what happens when you’re on “go mode” 24/7 & don’t stop to reflect, rest & reset? Like one of those fireworks… you burn out & crash head first into the ground.

Be content with decelerating.
Be grateful for it.
Be quiet, listen, reflect, meditate, add a little restorative or yin yoga to your routine. You might be intrigued at what you uncover when you actually allow yourself to turn inward. In doing so, this subtle act of receptivity supports your ability to envision fresh goals, intentions, wishes for the year ahead.

Embrace the season. It’s rooting for you.

Happy Winterizing!

An Autumn Yoga Pose
Garudasana = Eagle Pose
This pose targets the Lungs (yin) & Large Intestines (yang). The meridians of these two Fall paired organs run through the inner & outer arms. In Garudasana we take a deep bind of the arms & legs, while maintaining a strong rooted balance of the standing foot. Opt to fold your torso forward & place a squeezing pressure on the Large Intestines themselves. The binding & compression creates a stoppage of energetic flow for a few moments but upon release, you flush your meridians & organs themselves with fresh energy & oxygenated blood, stimulating cleanse & rejuvenation. This pose requires great focus & stability. Qualities needed during those windy Autumn days.

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training at Breathing Room Saturday April 8th 2-6pm with Kelley Voegelin In this segment of the Breathing Room’s 200hr teacher training, we will cover important background information about the prenatal body, the process of childbirth & how … Continue reading

Breathing Room Mentorship Program

Are you a yoga teacher who is in search of some extra guidance to evolve your practice & offerings? The Breathing Room Mentorship Program with Lily Dougher, Margo Rosignana, & myself can provide you the community & the support to do so.

This is a chance to build confidence in your teaching & in your knowledge of the yoga industry. This is an opportunity to find your voice as a teacher & your unique path. Take that step forward to deepen, fine tune & hone your teaching skills. We will focus on your growth as a teacher working one-on-one to individually customize this experience to the mentee’s particular needs.

What’s holding you back?

Discover more information about this wonderful program here!